Only moments ago, residents of Oxford, MI a small rural community, were notified of an active shooter at the local Oxford High School:

There have been multiple reports of first responders rushing to the scene of the crime.  A video shared on Twitter shows emergency vehicles on their way to Oxford High School:

Frightened parents reacted on a Facebook page where they share information related to their kids high school.

Oxford High School

Here are a few of the comments with the names redacted.

Parents shared messages from friends and students inside the high school about kids being locked down in their rooms, about mutliple shots being heard and about rumors of casualties. We cannot confirm any of the comments from the Facebook page, but there has been confirmation of an active shooter by the Oakland County Sherrif Department and of several victims.


This parent makes a very good point about how teachers should be armed and about the money spent to boost athletics, while security measures at many schools are usually a much lower priority:


Oakland County Undersheriff Michael G. McCabe has just released a statement, confirming that there is indeed, an active shooter at Oxford High School at 12:55 ET today. They are calling it an “active scene,” saying they have one suspected shooter and a handgun. He also confirmed there are multiple victims (between 4-6).

Some parents took to Twitter to share the details they recieved from their kids:

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