The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Michigan Governor Whitmer has just done something that fits that definition. She is asking for a 2-week pause of Michigan youth sports, indoor dining, and in-person learning. She knows this is complete bunk because she’s “strongly urging” compliance on another shutdown and not forcing the issue. According to the Detroit Free Press, she did say she’s not taking anything off the table. This happens just as Spring sports ramps up at local schools, and restaurants are just getting back on their feet.

COVID cases have been surging in Michigan, where there are STILL strict rules, but they are falling in Texas, where mandates are gone, and people are going back to life as usual (see the chart below).

The bottom line is that lockdowns don’t work, and they cause more problems in any state that has them. Look at Whitmer, Cuomo & Newsom’s decisions on lockdowns, and then look at Texas and Florida. There are completely different outcomes.

While Gov. Whitmer continues to damage Michigan with draconian lockdowns, Floridians and Texans are enjoying freedom. Insanity continues in Michigan…

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