Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has declared racism a public health crisis and has also created a Black Leadership Advisory Council to identify systemic racism in the state. Whitmer claims this move will “combat inequality.”

This is a purely political move to pander to the black community and to throw taxpayer dollars at a bogus council. You get what you vote for, and now the citizens of Michigan are getting a boondoggle council that will waste the state’s money. What a shame!

During a press conference this morning, Whitmer referenced broad inequities but also coronavirus:

“It is not enough to simply label an injustice. We have to actively take steps to replace injustice with justice,” Gilchrist said. “This formal declaration from our administration creates the space for state departments and agencies to specifically examine, respond to and coordinate all of our policies and programs to quickly and substantively put Michigan on a path to address these issues head-on.”

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist said the mission would be to develop, review and recommend policies that combat discrimination and inequity:

“Black folks, we are the largest racial minority in the sate, but this council … is the first of its kind in Michigan that will elevate and engage Black leaders and our representatives. It will build upon the work that we’ve begun with the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities.”

Gilchrist doesn’t explain why the black community has been hardest hit with coronavirus. The pre-morbidities in the black community are the reason, and these are due to poor life choices. Morbid obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions are all prevalent in the black community and can be managed with a healthy diet and exercise. These pre-morbidities are not the fault of anyone but the individual.

The last thing Michigan needs is another wasteful boondoggle using hard-earned money from taxpayers. There are many, many laws on the books already that protect people from discrimination and racism.


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