Governor Whitmer’s Covid-19 restrictions were some of the strictest in the country.  The Governor repeatedly showed that she has no concern for civil liberties or the well being of small businesses in her state.  In May of last year, a Michigan restaurant enough had owner and decided to sue Whitmer for enacting punitive measures against him for violating covid restrictions.  The Detroit Eater Reports-

“The owner of Iron Pig Smokehouse in Northern Michigan is suing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for fines and loss of business he received after defying state orders during last fall’s indoor dining closures.

The Gaylord restaurateur’s lawsuit, filed in Otsego County District Court, seeks damages in excess of $25,000 and alleges that Whitmer lacked the legal authority to impose restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Ian Murphy’s suit says the governor and the health department closed his barbecue business so “that it was unable to operate, unable to earn an income, and unable to function in any way.” The governor has three weeks to respond. The governor’s office has not immediately responded to a request for comment.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission in December suspended the restaurant’s liquor license and tacked on a fine for violation of the ban on indoor dining and for not enforcing mask-wearing requirements. Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development took away the business’s food license and lobbed a fine as well.

Murphy’s lawsuit references a Michigan Supreme Court ruling last year that said a 1945 law giving the governor the power to issue a closure order for bars and restaurants was unconstitutional.”

Over the weekend, the judge ruled in favor of the owner of the Iron Pig Smokehouse, saying that Whitmer’s order to close down bars and restaurants in Michigan and the punitive measures she took against him were unconstitutional.  The Iron Pig will not have to pay the $5,000 fine imposed by the state.




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