My Pillow founder and patriot, Mike Lindell, is the second-most targeted person in America, second only to his close friend, President Trump.

Yesterday, the unhinged Left was thrilled to hear the news leaked by the Washington Post that Robert Zeidman, who claims to be a Trump supporter, had been awarded $5 million in prize money for allegedly proving the data Mike Lindell presented at his South Dakota Cyber Symposium in August 2021 was inaccurate.

According to the New York Times– Mr. Zeidman, who described himself as a “well-known” pioneer in the field of software forensics, said that he used his connections in the Trump world to obtain an invitation to Mr. Lindell’s symposium.

For the record, we’ve been in the conservative news business for over ten years and have never heard of the “well-known” pioneer with “connections in the Trump world.”

In the New York Times article, Mr. Zeidman, who claims to have voted for President Trump twice, called Trump an “extremist” and said he doesn’t plan to vote for him again. He also claims he would give a portion of his award to a bi-partisan group called “No Labels.”

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Not much of anything Mr. Zeidman claims in the New York Times article sounds believable, outside of the part where the guy who says he wouldn’t vote for President Trump again is, like Dominion, who is suing Mike for $1.6 billion, is hoping to take $5 million from the bank account of the hardest-working patriot in America.

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Last month, Christian family man Mike Lindell, who puts God at the center of all he does, admitted that he had to take out a $10 million loan so he could continue to pay his employees after big box stores canceled their contracts with him over his fight for election integrity. Lindell, who treats his employees like family, has a heart of gold and is quick to tell everyone that keeping his workers employed and making sure they are well taken care of is a priority for him.

A few years ago, Mike had a reliable employee who worked for him for years and was always on time. However, he noticed that his conscientious worker was coming in late to work and asked some of the other employees if they knew of any problems he might be having outside the factory. Shortly after asking about the welfare of his employee, another employee revealed to Mike that the worker’s vehicle had broken down and that he was walking several miles to work and back every day. Mike was so touched by his commitment to his job at MyPillow, that he took the employee to a local car dealer and bought him a new vehicle.

Mike doesn’t have a policy for his workers who need time off for the death of a loved one. He once told me, “Everyone grieves in different ways, and you can’t put a time limit on how long someone needs before they are ready to return to work.”  His policy isn’t limited to close family members. Mike explained that his policy isn’t just for close family members, adding that he doesn’t believe that his employees should have to explain why they need time off to grieve the loss of their beloved neighbor or close friend. When I asked how the open-ended policy has worked for him, he said, “In all the years I’ve had this program in place, not one person has taken advantage of it.”

Zeidman, who is also a poker player, told the New York Times, “Friends of mine said, ‘You should go because you might win $5 million,’” 

Mike Lindell was once a gambling, drug, and alcohol addict. As his way of giving back to others facing addictions, Mike founded the Lindell Recovery Network. The successful entrepreneur with a heart of gold donates the profits from his MyPillow business to the Christian-based facilities he founded as part of his passionate quest to help others with addictions.

New York Times reports – When conference organizers gave Mr. Zeidman and other attendees data to dissect, he said that he expected it might take weeks to analyze. But once he started going through the files, he said he quickly concluded that the data was bogus. He presented his findings to Mr. Lindell’s representatives in a 15-page report.

According to Mike and from what we could ascertain based on the rules provided to us by Mr. Lindelll’s attorney, to win the $5 million payout, the participants must prove that the data used at the Cyber Symposium is NOT from the 2020 election. Mr. Zeidman’s claim is that the data is bogus. 

Here’s a video showing Mike Lindell explaining to War Room host Steve Bannon the conditions of the contest to win $5 million at his upcoming Cyber Symposium.

Lindell Management, LLC. (“Lindell”) has created a contest where participants will participate in a challenge to prove that the data Lindell provides, and represents reflects information from the November 2020 election, unequivocally does NOT reflect information related to the November 2020 election (the “Challenge”)

Here are the rules from Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium that each contestant was asked to sign:

Prove Mike Wrong Challenge Official Rules by 100PercentFedUp on Scribd

We asked Mike Lindell about the news the Washington Post leaked this morning. “Isn’t it funny that Fox News comes out and makes a “dirty settlement on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday—we’ve been waiting to hear back on this for months—and all of a sudden, they drop that this day,” Mike explained.

The decision by the arbitration panel that decided Mike Lindell owed Mr. Zeidman the $5 million payout was leaked by the Washington Post, according to the MyPillow CEO.

Mike asked us, “Do you know how it got leaked to the media?” He responded, The Washington Post!” The MyPillow CEO explained: “The Washington Post called me up and said, ‘I hear that they ruled against you.’—“I thought it was a prank call, and I said, ‘How would you even know about that before anyone else did? Either this is a prank call, or you’re the rotten Washington Post!'” Mike told us the only way the Washington Post could have known about the decision to award Mr. Zeidman $5 million was by someone leaking it to them, as arbitration documents were not made available to the public.

Mike is not and has never claimed to be a forensics expert, but he has done a great job of surrounding himself with some of the best people in the business, and he’s confident in his claims that the elections were stolen by machines that can be hacked. “I’m not worried about it because the data’s from the 2020 election,” Mike said.

According to Mike, the three-person panel of judges who were present at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium were all in agreement on the day of the event that  Mr. Zeidman did not qualify for the award. According to Mike, there were almost 100 participants at the Cyber Symposium, and Zeidman, “who came out of nowhere,” had “no evidence of his claim. “We don’t even know if this guy was a cyber-guy because he didn’t even know how to do WireShark!” he exclaimed. Wireshark’s website describes its product as the world’s foremost network protocol analyzer that allows the user to see what’s happening on their network at a microscopic level. They claim it’s the de facto standard across many industries and educational institutions.

Mike Lindell also claims that Zeidman needed to have the CISA credentials other participants had that took part in the contest. He also told us that he would take this court because what Mr. Zeidman claims he proved and what participants were asked to prove are not the same thing.

From the decision:

Claimant Robert Zeidman (“Mr. Zeidman”) initiated this arbitration against Respondent Lindell Management LLC (“Lindell LLC”), claiming he won the Prove Mike Wrong Challenge contest (“the Contest”) in August of 2021, entitling him to the contest prize of $5 million. He also claims that if the Contest rules are interpreted in the way Lindell LLC interprets them, they are unconscionable. Finally, he also claims that Lindell LLC violated the Minnesota Consumer Fraud Act, Minn. Stat. § 325F.69 (1988) by, among other things, creating a contest knowing it would not declare a winner and failing to provide 2020 election data as promised. Lindell LLC asserts that Mr. Zeidman simply failed to win the Contest under the Contest rules and denies any fraud.

Here is the decision in its entirety that was shared with 100 Percent Fed Up by Mr. Lindell’s attorney:

Reasoned Decision and Final Award[2] by 100PercentFedUp on Scribd

On August 16 and 17, Mike is hosting an Election Crime Bureau Summit. He told us that everything they’ve been talking about election fraud would be validated at the upcoming summit, adding that they know “fifty times more now” than they previously knew.  He concluded our interview by saying, “Every single attack and every single dirty, back door deal, including the settlement with Fox News, is just a plan to stop us from getting rid of the electronic voting machines—and that’s a fact,” Mike said.

The Left is coming at Mike Lindell from every angle, determined to destroy him and his business, leaving the successful entrepreneur penniless. Please consider helping Mike in one of two ways, either by donating to his legal defense fund:

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