This is an Urgent Alert…

According to Matt Wallace, the Pentagram errrrr, sorry, “Pentagon” has deployed a Massive number of Military planes above U.S. airspace.

QUOTE: “I’ve never seen this many US military aircraft in the sky at once.”

Take a look:

Since we always bring you reliable and trustworthy reporting, it should be noted that Wallace’s Tweet received this Community Note:

And ordinarily I might not have brought you this story if something incredible didn’t happen right as I was reading Wallace’s Tweet.

This is crazy, but as I’m scrolling Twitter to see what’s breaking I’m also listening to my friend MeetKevin on YouTube and no joke Kevin interrupts his broadcast and kind of freaks out a little to say “holy crap, there are two Apache Helicopters directly above me….I’ve never seen this before!”

Watch here:

So there’s some realtime, on the scene reporting that does confirm Wallace’s Tweet.

We also have Chris Greene over at AMTV putting out a very similar report and talking about people he’s heard from who had similar experiences to MeetKevin.

Watch this:

So there you go!

You’ve got the reports, you’ve got the Community Notes counterbalance, but now the most important thing…

I want to do our own version of “Community Noting” this story.

I want to hear from you!

Comment below if you’ve seen increased military aircraft in your area.

We have 5 million people who read this website each month, let’s put you all to work!

Comment below with a yes or no or share more details!


Let’s see what’s happening out there across these great 50 States!



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