New evidence has emerged showing a concerning breakdown in the separation of powers. According to Kash Patel, the DOJ used subpoenas to spy on the congressional oversight committee. Patel is concerned about what the intrusion indicates about the constitutionally guaranteed separation of executive and legislative powers.


“It’s so shocking,” Patel said, “Because a co-equal branch of government, we as congressional investigators and Devin Nunes, his staff on House Intel were conducting constitutional demanded oversight of the fraudulent acts at the FBI and DOJ, which we now know happened.”
In November 2017, the Justice Department secretly used grand jury subpoenas to acquire emails and phone data of at least two top House Intelligence Committee investigators. The spying came as the investigators, under the direction of their boss, then-Chairman Devin Nunes, were assembling bombshell evidence of FBI abuses in the Russia collusion probe. The staffers were notified just days ago about the breach by Google, who informed them their records had been accessed five years ago.


Nunes’ was an esteemed member of the House Intelligence Committee at the time and is a preeminent investigator of government corruption. He was the first member of Congress to publicly state that there was no intelligence evidence supporting allegations that Russia colluded with President Trump and his team in the 2016 presidential elections. Nunes worked with the committee to expose information showing the hoax was politically motivated by Trump’s opponent. The scheme relied on a faulty dossier Hillary Clinton funded to ruin Trump’s presidency. Nunes’ committee was in a battle with the FBI and DOJ to turn over essential records needed by the committee. But the DOJ quietly worked against the committee, secretly demanding Google provide the emails and phone records by Dec. 5, 2017.

Nunes said the DOJ and FBI could use the emails and phone records to gain access to up-to-date information his investigation was uncovering about misconduct in the Russia probe. He is asking the incoming Republican Congress to hold the FBI and DOJ accountable by aggressively looking into the subpoenas. Nunes told Just the News,

“The FBI and DOJ spied on a presidential campaign, and when Congress began exposing what they were doing, they spied on us to find out what we knew and how we knew it. It’s an egregious abuse of power that the next Congress must investigate so these agencies can be held accountable and reformed.”

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