Teaching kids all across America that bringing fake bombs to school on 9-11 really pays off… 

Is it possible the radical Muslim family who became famous when their son took a fake bomb to school on 9-11 has discovered the cost of living in Qatar is higher than they anticipated? Or is it possible they just miss being in the spotlight?

We’re thinking America may have a slightly different attitude about the Muslim clock boy post Paris tragedy…You know what they say…”timing is everything”….(pun intended).

Give us $15 million – or else.

That’s the demand from the family of the world’s most famous clockmaker, Ahmed Mohamed, to the City of Irving and Irving ISD. The city and district were each sent letters on Monday demanding money or else a lawsuit would be filed.

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The family wants $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from Irving ISD for damages it claims Ahmed and the family suffered after the teen was arrested. The family also wants an apology from the two entities.

Mohamed, 14, was arrested by Irving police in September after he brought a homemade digital clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb by Irving MacArthur High School faculty. The subsequent fallout made international headlines.

Mohamed and his immediately family are now overseas in Qatar and enrolling in school after a foundation has offered to pay for his education. The letter demanding money from the city and district says that the family wants “more than anything to come home” to Irving.

The letter gives both the city and the district 60 days to pay up or else face a lawsuit.

City and district officials didn’t have any immediate comment on the letter. Via: FOX 4 News


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