The spin is already going on with the latest terror attack by a Muslim. Nancy Pelosi just Tweeted out about the attack but no condemnation of terrorism…THE WHITE HOUSE:


The realists are all giving facts about Islam and Sharia. 50% of Muslims in America believe that Sharia Law should be the law of the land. Within Sharia, gays are to be murdered that’s why you see gays being thrown from buildings and hung from overpasses in the Middle East. It’s not to say that all Muslims who believe in Sharia want to kill gays BUT that’s what Sharia Law requires. 

Omar Mateen aka Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, 29 has been named as the gunman involved in the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.


Police said at least 50 people were killed and about 53 more were wounded in the attack early Sunday morning.

Mateen is a U.S. citizen from Port St. Lucie, Florida born to Afghan parents. It’s interesting that Mateen is a US citizen but his parent’s aren’t. It’s being reported that he’s made terrorist threats prior to this terrorist attack.


The gunman, Omar Mateen, was engaged in a shootout with police outside the night club at about 2 a.m., police said at a press conference. Mateen then entered the night club and took hostages.

He was armed with an assault-type rifle, a handgun and a “suspicious device,” authorities said.

Mateen died at the scene after he was shot by police. He had barricaded himself in the nightclub after opening fire. Witnesses reported that some of their friends were hiding in dressing rooms and bathrooms, trying to stay safe.

FBI Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge Ron Hopper said at a press conference that there are “some suggestions” the gunman “may have leanings” toward Jihadist ideology.

ISIS posted on Twitter supporting Mateen but didn’t take responsibility for the terror attack.

The FBI says the gunman was “organized and well-prepared.”

Police have not released further details about the plot or whether anyone else was involved.


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