Health officials are warning of a mysterious hepatitis outbreak that has now found its way to fourteen different countries, including the United States and Canada.  According to the Daily Mail, the outbreak has hospitalized multiple children and killed at least one.

The outbreak comes as President Biden plans to lift Title 42, a public health order that allows illegal immigrants to be expelled before applying for asylum.  Title 42 was enacted during the Covid-19 pandemic to prevent outbreaks at the border.

Health officials have speculated that lockdowns may be to blame for the Hepatitis outbreak, as reduced physical contact weakened people’s immunity.

Of the more severe cases, the Hepatitis strain caused severe liver damage, with multiple children forced to get liver transplants.  The vast majority of cases have been mild thus far, with roughly 90 percent of people recovering quickly.


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The Daily Mail Reports


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“Suspected cases of the mysterious hepatitis sweeping the world have now been detected in children in Japan and Canada.

Canada’s Public Health Agency yesterday revealed it was ‘aware of reports of severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin’ in the country.

And Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced that a patient under the age of 16 was hospitalised with hepatitis on April 21.

Officials did not reveal their age, sex or location — but said they tested negative for adenovirus, believed to be the culprit of the global outbreak, and Covid.

The patient meets the working definition for a ‘probable case’ of the hepatitis cases already confirmed in countries like the UK, US and Spain officials said.

Nearly 200 children have been sickened by the condition across the world in up to 14 countries since last October. One has died and 17 have needed liver transplants.”


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