We recently reported that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden intend to plant trees and do Zoom calls in order to stop the border crisis that has been induced by the previous border policies.

Today, Nancy Pelosi echoed those same irrational sentiments when she stated that climate change was somehow the cause of the border crossings.  There was no mention of the terrible Democrat policies put in place since it was determined that President Trump would be leaving office after November 3rd.

Yes.  You heard correctly.  Climate change is somehow to blame for the unprecedented surge in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and drugs and guns pouring through our border.  The fact that it coincides perfectly with Joe Biden’s presidency is apparently just a coincidence to her.

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Pelosi then extolled the virtues of Kamala Harris who has no immediate plans to even visit the border to understand what is going on and hasn’t bothered to do anything about it since she was installed as Vice President back in January.

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Pelosi insisted that America had to “deconstruct” President Trump’s border policy, even though it had been working better every day as he built the wall and cracked down on illegal immigration.

It sounds as though the Democrats are the party that wants to just tear everything down as they get astonishingly more wealth.

They believe–sincerely or as a conceit–that tearing everything down will solve anything they view as an impediment to their own ambitions.  Whether we tear down our immigration laws and policies, our objective and methodical vision of science, our education system, or our Constitution, Democrats (and many RINOs) will support it so long as it is somehow destructive and divisive.

The 2021 summer of love is fast approaching.

Can you feel the heat?

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