42-year-old Dr. Fair, a regular NBC contributor, and an alleged COVID-19 patient was part of a several dramatic interviews on NBC related to his experiences with the virus.

Dr. Fair appeared with Hoda on NBC’s Today Show in May.  With the assistance of oxygen, the superman doctor, who was the perfect picture of health, spoke to the Today Show viewers from his hospital bed in May, warning them that if this could happen to him it could happen to anyone. He also explained that he believes he got the virus because he wasn’t wearing the proper goggles on the flight, even though he was wearing a mask and gloves, saying the passengers were “packed in [on the plane] like sardines.”

Today Show host Hoda, asked, “Doctor, there’s something I don’t get. You were tested four times and every time, it came back negative.” Without any medical expertise in the area, or documentation to back up her claim, Hoda added, “But clearly you have it.”

Dr. Fair attempted to explain, “Well, there’s a couple of things that might be,” he began, explaining, “You know, I waited a week because I was taking care of myself.” He explained that the virus may have gotten weaker by the time he was tested, adding that the tests are not reliable. Dr. Fair cited the test the White House recommended, saying that didn’t work either. “I think it’s a combo, I think our tests are so very imperfect, and we’re missing a lot of cases because of that,” adding that he also waited so long to be tested, that the virus probably couldn’t be detected,” he told the Today Show host.

Dr. Fair double down on the scare factor, explaining again, how he’s a very healthy person and how difficult dealing with the COVID virus has been for him. “If it can take even me down, it can take anybody down,” he said. Dr. Fair used himself as an example of how literally anyone can get deathly ill from the Chinese virus, telling Hoda and her viewers that he can’t imagine being a person who’s at high risk because he was the only patient who was not intubated in the ICU where he was being treated.

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Could it be because Dr. Fair never had COVID?

As Hoda concluded her segment with Dr. Fair, her co-host Craig Melvin commented on how scary it is that Dr. Fair could contract COVID after being in such good physical shape. For the sake of their audience, Melvin pointed out again that Dr. Fair had 4 tests, but unfortunately, the tests [that President Trump keeps touting] are just not reliable.

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As it turns out, the reason Dr. Fair’s COVID tests kept coming back negative is that he never had COVID.

On July 7, Dr. Fair tweeted:

I was severely ill for 2 weeks, 4 days of it in critical condition, resulting in pneumonia, diffuse lung injury & 18lbs of weight loss. My path forward is a 2nd AB test, & follow-up with a pulmonologist & tropical medicine specialist in an effort to diagnose what made me so ill.

He followed up with this tweet:

My undiagnosed/suspected COVID illness from nearly 2 months ago remains an undiagnosed mystery as a recent antibody test was negative. I had myriad COVID symptoms, was hospitalized in a COVID ward & treated for COVID-related co-morbidities, despite testing negative by nasal swab.

More recently, Dr. Fair posted photos of a small child being forced to wear a mask over her face. The doctor who never had COVID, says the photos made his “heart melt.”

Weird, most people don’t think a small child being forced to wear a face mask is cute.

Dr. Fair also retweeted a message congratulating the far-left, radical MSNBC host Joy Reid for her new nighttime slot on the anti-Trump network.

Dr. Fair also retweeted a tweet from Democrat Senator McCaskill congratulating Nicolle Wallace on her abysmal ratings.

h/t Washington Free Beacon

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