The 2020 Presidential election is considered to be one of the most contentious elections in American and maybe Western history, so much so that the aftermath gave rise to a new f-word. After a string of audits carried out by states with close electoral margins, many Republican voters have hopes that these audits and subsequent investigations might well be sufficient to legally reinstate Donald Trump as President.

In a recent Politico-Morning Consult poll carried out last week with nearly two thousand respondents, it appears that the vast majority of Americans do not think that there is a possibility that Donald Trump can be reinstated as President of the United States. In fact, even sixty-one percent of Republicans do not currently believe reinstatement is a possibility. Unsurprisingly, eighty-four percent of Democrats and seventy percent of Independents carry the same opinion on the subject.

In fact, Donald Trump himself is reported to believe that he will be reinstated as President sometime in August, with support for his America First agenda still very strong amongst the Republican grassroots. While twenty-nine percent of Republicans believe that Donald Trump will be reinstated as President at some point, many of the rest are already showing visible support for a 2024 Trump run.

Interestingly, the same poll shows a large percentage of voters strongly approving and disapproving of Biden’s performance in office over the last five months, polling at twenty-eight and thirty-two percent respectively. As the American political landscape becomes increasingly polarized, it would seem that electoral politics will become ever more contentious as time goes by.

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