Nearly 400 unopened absentee ballots from a south side City of Milwaukee ward were found during the recount Tuesday morning, election officials said.

It appears 386 absentee ballot envelopes were not opened — and the ballots were not counted — on Election Day due to “human error” at Milwaukee’s central count, said Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission.

The ballots were from Ward 315, on the city’s south side. They were received in a timely manner, before or on Election Day.


The Milwaukee County Board of Canvassers voted unanimously, 3-0, that the ballot envelopes should be opened and ballots should be counted.

Recount watchers were also issued wrist bands with poop emojis to wear, in a sign of how seriously this is being taken.

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Ald. Scott Spiker, whose district includes the ward where the ballots were found, asked during a Common Council meeting taking place at the same time as the recount that the city Election Commission come before a committee to explain to aldermen what happened.

So far, in the first four days of the recount, lawyers for the Trump campaign have challenged tens of thousands of ballots. Joe Biden is ahead in the state by only about 20,000 votes.


The deadline for Wisconsin to certify its election results is Dec. 1.

This is a developing story.

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