What started out as a routine traffic stop for a broken tail light got ugly when Officer Michael Slager returned to his patrol car to check out Walter Scott’s drivers license. Only moments later, Walter Scott got out of the vehicle he was driving and began to run away.

The man who had a front-row seat to Walter Scott’s brutal death last week wanted his family to know the truth.

Feidin Santana was walking to his North Charleston job Saturday morning when he witnessed an astonishing act of violence — a white cop pumping five bullets into a fleeing black man.

When he came upon the scene along a secluded dirt path, Scott, 50, and officer Michael Slager, 33, were grappling, Santana said.

“They were both down before I started recording,” Santana told NBC News on Wednesday night. “I remember the police officer had control of the situation . . . (Scott) was just trying to get away from the Taser.”

The 23-year-old barber stayed silent as Scott turned and clumsily ran away — prompting Slager to discharge eight times, with five bullets hitting the mark.

“The police officer just shot him . . . I knew right away I had something in my hands,” Santana told NBC.

He initially thought about deleting the disturbing clip.

But when reports of Scott’s shooting death made the news, and he heard Slager claim the man had been grabbing for his Taser, Santana contacted the victim’s attorneys — and family.

“They were very emotional, when that happened, including me also,” Santana said about handing over the video. “I thought about his position, their situation and if I would have a family member that happened to, I would like to know the truth.”      Via: NY Daily News


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