BREAKING: The Daily Express came out with an article regarding polling results for the 2020 Presidential Election.

“In the latest monthly Democracy Institute (DI)/Sunday Express poll President Trump has 48 per cent of the popular support over the former vice president’s 45 per cent. In the key swing states the gap is even bigger, with 49 per cent for Trump to 42 per cent for Biden…While most [polls] suggest a Democrat lead, the monthly DI polls have been more favourable to Trump.”

Previous polls accurately predicted by the Democracy Institue include the Brexit vote and the 2016 US election results. As a result, the credibility of the DI has increased, showing signs of hope for the Trump campaign in the upcoming election this fall.

Addtionally, Breitbart News reported that the Republican party has received 76 million dollars from the RNC convention this past week, which had a large number of viewers totaling to about 147 million.


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