President Trump will really like this! His approval ratings are just in and are at an all-time high!

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 47 percent of voters approve of President Trump’s job while in office. Trump’s approval is up from 44 last month and is at an all-time high. It’s higher than President Obama’s approval rating before the 2010 midterms.

There were 900 registered voters who participated in the poll.

President Trump leads with voters on the economy and trade while Democrats are in the basement with a 23 percent approval rating on the economy.

The president’s job approval skyrockets when it’s just Republicans weighing in…

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It’s a whopping 87% approval rating!

The issues of health care and immigration weren’t as strong for President Trump. Hopefully, he can focus on those two important things in his next 6 years in office…Ha! TRUMP2020! BUILD THE WALL!

There is high interest in the midterms from both parties but Democrats edged out Republicans. We don’t believe that’s accurate because President Trump is always filling venues and is so popular. Democrats can’t touch his popularity.

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