The latest Wikileaks email dump #31 contains a bombshell. The October 20, 2011 email from Chairman of the Board for the Clinton Foundation Bruce Lindsey to: [email protected] (a code name for Chelsea Clinton) contains some very revealing  information. The report below certainly proves that the Clinton’s were doing a lousy job of running their “non-profit ” and not surprisingly, put the people who were working for them dead-last.

The report exposed in an email shared by Wikileaks shows the results of a review that was completed in 2011, by Jennifer Reynoso, a New York lawyer. The report states that the Clinton Foundation “is missing several policies/procedures that are required by law (e.g.,record retention policy). 



The report goes on to give the following recommendation:

No matter what the leadership decides about the larger, over-arching question, it must act immediately to bring the Foundation into compliance with the law and standards that govern not-for-profits, and must create strong legal and HR offices so to prevent any lapses in the future.

In addition to pointing out that employees of the Clinton Foundation are underpaid as compared to comparable  positions in other companies, the email also states that the overall morale of the company is low and the staff would like to see more structure.  

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Ironically, the staff complained about a policy not being made available for an employee to “blow the whistle” on potential wrongdoings within the “non-profit.” 

•Staff complained about the lack of a real complaint and/or whistleblower policy.
•The Foundation’s current Sexual Harassment and Whistleblower Policies should be stronger, and it may want to strengthen its Conflict of Interest Policy.

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Given Bill Clinton’s history as a sexual predator and his role in the Clinton Foundation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there isn’t a strong “Sexual Harassment” policy in place.

•Virtually everyone I interviewed in the Harlem office expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the operations of that office and/or Laura Graham’s management style. Indeed, a couple complained about her attempts to “manage by fear,” which they claim includes yelling.
•Staff complained about the proactive and last-minute culture of the organization, many believing that it operates more like a campaign than a professional corporation.

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