President Biden repeatedly denied having any knowledge of Hunter Biden’s illicit business deals with foreign oligarchs, some of which he is currently under investigation for.

One business deal included working with Chinese business conglomerate CEFC China Energy on infrastructure projects in the United States.

Hunter marketed his access to Biden, who was Vice President at the time under President Obama, to CEFC along with other foreign business companies.

In his business deal with CEFC, he cut President Biden in to his deal with the company, naming him “the big guy”.  Hunter’s business associate, Tony Bobulinski, confirmed to FOX News that Joe Biden was included in the deal.

Now, the Daily Mail has released recorded audio of Biden admitting that he knew about Hunter’s business deals.

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The Daily Mail Reports

“President Joe Biden spoke with Hunter about his business dealings with a Chinese criminal his son dubbed the ‘spy chief of China,’ a voicemail to his son reveals.

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The president has repeatedly denied personally and through his press secretary that he ever talked about Hunter’s foreign business with his Hunter – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Now, in a voicemail left on Hunter’s iPhone, the evidence has come from POTUS’ own mouth.

Joe called Hunter on December 12, 2018 saying that he wanted to talk to him after reading a New York Times story about Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese oil giant CEFC.

Files on Hunter’s abandoned laptop previously disclosed by show that he struck a deal with the Chinese company worth millions of dollars after touting his family connections.

The Times’ 2018 story pointed out CEFC’s chairman Ye Jianming had been arrested in China and his top lieutenant Patrick Ho had been convicted in the US for bribing African officials to help Iran evade oil sanctions.”

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