While most of the country has moved past Covid-19, lifting mask mandates and vaccine mandates, some left-wing areas have held out and are still requiring proof of vaccination for children to attend school.

One Elementary school in Silicon Valley, right next to Google’s global headquarters, forcibly removed a 4-year-old student from school for not wearing a mask.

Theuerkauf Elementary School, one of the many schools to begin classes this week, still maintains a mask mandate for its students.

In newly released footage by the Daily Mail, the school’s masked principal can be seen leading the child out of the school, saying that he will not be allowed to re-enter unless he is wearing a mask.

After the 4-year-old holds up a form from his father explaining why he should not have to wear a mask, the principal calls the police to forcibly remove him.


The Daily Mail Reports


In a clip that Shawn shared with DailyMail.com, the little boy can be seen walking out of the school in Mountain View – the town that’s home to Google’s global HQ – without a face mask.

‘I’m sorry – he’s not able to come in unless he has his mask on,’ says Michelle Williams, the school principal.

‘I welcome him here, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I want him here, but it is our district’s policy that students have to wear a mask.’

The little boy holds the form he has been given up to his father, asking: ‘What does this say?’

She eventually tells Shawn: ‘I’m going to have to have you removed from campus if you do not leave at this time.’

Shawn, still recording, notes: ‘They called a police officer to remove a four-year-old from campus.’

The officer tells Shawn that he is simply there to enforce the rules as they stand.

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