MI, PA, OH and NY residents were all warned he could be anywhere in their state. Thank God he was caught and is no longer a danger to innocent people who may have encountered him…Kudos to the PA State Police Department!

The man who posted a Facebook Live video showing him fatally shooting an elderly man in Cleveland died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound Tuesday morning, authorities in Pennsylvania said.

Steve Stephens had been on the run since Sunday. State police found Stephens’s body in a white Ford Fusion after a brief pursuit in Erie, Pa., Tuesday morning.

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In a Facebook Live video, Stephens, 37, could be seen fatally shooting Robert Godwin, 74, in Cleveland. The episode sparked a nationwide search for Stephens, who fled soon after the shooting.

In the video, Stephens claimed that he had killed 15 people that same day, though only Godwin’s murder could be confirmed. –The Hill

Stephens’ mom, Maggie Green, told Fox News on Tuesday she heard the news of her son’s death on the radio. She said she believed he would commit suicide because he visited her house before the murder to say goodbye.

“‘Momma this will be the last time you see me…I just wanted to see you for the last time,'” Green said that Stephens told her.

Green said Stephens had an issue with gambling.

“Steve was a good Christian person…he just snapped…he had a gambling problem,” she said.

At a press conference earlier this morning, Cleveland police said they did not know where Stephens was. –FOX News

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