Antifa terrorists have gathered in major cities across the world today to protest in solidarity against capitalism and free speech. In Paris, police officers were just lit on fire after being hit with petrol bombs by Antifa terrrorists. In LA, Antifa protesters were outnumbered by Trump supporters who showed up to rally on behalf of our president. In DC, Antifa thugs disrupted the streets with threats of violence.

Paris is like a war-zone!

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In New York City, police are doing their best to get the situation under control while Antifa terrorists ignore their commands:

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NYPD officers are demanding that cowardly Antifa terrorists unmask themselves or face being arrested:

More arrests were taking place on the streets of NYC after Antifa and communist protesters were “unlawfully disrupting the safe flow of traffic”. They were warned by the police on a loudspeaker, but continued to block pedestrians from moving safely along the sidewalk. This is potentially a very dangerous and threatening situation for visitors to NYC and residents trying to get to and from work in the city.

NYPD show these Antifa terrorists they’re not messing around in this video, as they arrest an Antifa coward burning an American flag. The Antifa terror group becomes angered after the arrest and start to close in on the officers. The police handle the situation perfectly and should be commended for addressing these terrorists in such a professional manner. 

OOPS! It looks like someone’s going to be getting a little break from their parent’s basement tonight:

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