Who doesn’t love good news? Well, the Democrats don’t love good news when it involves anything to do with President Trump.

Charles Payne just tweeted out a positive comment regarding new consumer confidence numbers and we’re sure Democrats won’t like it.

Democrats are doing everything they can to keep the focus off of President Trump’s roaring economy but Americans see through their deception.

The proof of that is the new report that says consumer confidence has skyrocketed to an 18-year high!

Breaking News February Consumer Confidence Soars 131.4 well above consensus of 123.3 Key point here is expectations (looking out six months) which really popped to 103.4 from 89.4. Overall after a three month slide pressured by market slump Americans expressing strong confidence

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The predictions exceeded expectations after a three-month losing streak.

Two Key Insights according to Bloomberg:

U.S. consumer confidence improved in February, topping all forecasts and snapping a three-month losing streak, after the U.S. government ended the longest shutdown in the country’s history and the trade war edged toward a resolution.

The confidence index climbed to 131.4 from 121.7, the New York-based Conference Board said in a report Tuesday. That compared with a Bloomberg survey of economists that called for a rise to 124.9. The measure gauging Americans’ views on present conditions rose to an 18-year high while consumer expectations posted the largest monthly gain since 2011.

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