In a developing story out of the nation’s capital, Fox 5 reports that police there are investigating a report of possible explosives in a truck near the library of congress. The area is being evacuated.

Insider Paper reports,  According to law enforcement officials, investigators reached the scene to determine whether the device was an operable explosive. The officials were not authorised to speak publicly about the situation and spoke on the condition of anonymity, AP reported.

Police sent negotiators to the truck where the man was in possession of possible explosives near Library of Congress at Capitol Hill.

Multiple federal buildings and the United States Supreme court have been evacuated because of a suspected security threat near the Library of Congress.

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Metropolitan Police Department special operations with heavy arms and gas masks are on the scene to help US Capitol police.


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Jefferson Building evacuated – Madison Building sheltering in place – Possible explosive device in pickup truck – Public told to Avoid the area.

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