This is a very big deal. It’s very likely that Steve Bannon, who was one of Andrew Breitbart’s best friends, knew, and understood the left better than any person on Trump’s White House staff. This could be a big blow to Trump and the unprecedented battle he’s been fighting against a ruthless and moral-less opponent.

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is leaving his position in President Donald Trump’s administration.

“White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement Friday. “We are grateful for his service and wish him the best.”

The Drudge Report first reported the news, and said that he may return to the conservative website Breitbart.

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The political strategist reportedly submitted his resignation to the president on Aug. 7, according to The New York Times. While it was scheduled for Monday, Bannon’s resignation was delayed in the aftermath of the violent protests in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. Trump and administration officials have been deliberating for some time as to when and how to release Bannon.

Bannon was one of the first people to jump on board the president’s political team when he announced his bid for the presidency in 2015. Rumors floated Thursday that Bannon might lose his job after the political strategist landed in hot water after The Prospect released an article Wednesday in which Bannon made some unsavory comments regarding members of the administration. –Daily Caller

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Ann Coulter told the Daily Caller that the Bannon firing is ‘Not good news’ and that ‘Trump should’ve hired ten more like him’

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is upset about Steve Bannon’s ouster and believes it “makes it appear that Trump is easily manipulable by the media.”

Bannon, a staunch conservative and supporter of Trump’s agenda, left his post as White House chief strategist Friday after months of media criticism. The former Breitbart executive kept a whiteboard in his wall that kept track of Trump’s campaign promises and was in a constant battle against moderates in the White House like Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner.

“This makes it appear that Trump is easily manipulable by the media,” Coulter told The Daily Caller Friday over email. “They just need to give all credit to any White House staffer they want to get rid of. I dread to think of who the media decide to get rid of next.”

President Trump has recently been upset about a book that heavily credits Bannon with Trump’s White House victory. He told a close confidant, “I hate it when people take credit for an election I won.”

Coulter wrote to the TheDC, “Trump is right that Bannon isn’t responsible for Trump’s win.”

“Of course, Trump won the nomination and the presidency of his own will! Bannon supported those issues and supported Trump at least as early as January 2016,” Coulter added. “Who else in the White House did? Most of the White House staff wasn’t on the Trump train until after the election.”

She went on to write: “Not good news. Instead of firing Bannon, because Trump had his nose out of joint about the media giving Bannon all credit for the victory, Trump should’ve hired ten more like him. Media heads would have exploded.”

Former Speaker of the House and longtime Trump supporter Newt Gingrich is seriously worried about the future of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Gingrich, who has consistently been one of Trump’s most optimistic supporters, said Friday morning that Trump is more isolated than he realizes and needs to make “serious changes” if he’s going to have a stable presidency.

“I think he’s in a position right now where he’s much more isolated than he realizes,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. “On the Hill, he has far more people willing to sit to one side and not help him right now, and I think that he needs to recognize that he’s taken a good first step with bringing in General Kelly, but he needs to think about what has not worked. You don’t get down to 35 percent approval and have people in your own party shooting at you and conclude that everything’s going fine.” –Daily Caller


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