Massive protests have been taking place Boston where a FREE SPEECH rally was planned at Boston Commons. It’s now being reported that the FREE SPEECH rally has been shut down because the city was overwhelmed by violent members of ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter hate group.

Fox News captured a horrific incident on film of a woman who appears to be a senior citizen who was peacefully holding an American flag when she was blindsided by an Antifa thug who attacked her when he grabbed her US flag. The woman held tight to her flag as the male Antifa, Alt-Left thug dragged her along the ground.

Fox News Channel captured the attack on video.

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Watch how quickly the Left is able to turn a FREE SPEECH rally into a “White Supremacist” or “Nazi” rally, even though there is absolutely NO evidence of either hate group being represented. The only hate group represented at the rally appears to be ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter:

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Leftists on social media actually advertised bringing radicals together to SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH. Let that sink in…

Black Lives Matter will join Antifa to shut down FREE SPEECH:

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