Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has dropped out of the race for House Speaker. The reason he gave to the Republican Caucus for dropping out: “I am not the right person to lead at this moment.” McCarthy was expected to win the Speakership in a landslide but his comments on Benghazi were frowned upon by his fellow Republicans.
McCarthy’s mistake of saying the Benghazi investigation was all about politics was exactly what Hillary Clinton needed to revive her campaign.
Ultimately, he was concerned he could not get the 218 votes needed to win:
McCarthy’s decision, announced moments before Republicans were set to nominate their candidate, will postpone the vote for speaker. McCarthy had been running against Reps. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Daniel Webster, R-Fla., before he dropped out, and it’s unclear whether other candidates will now step forward.

While McCarthy, R-Calif., faced vocal opposition from some conservative members and groups, he was thought to have more than enough support to win the party’s nomination in the vote initially set for Thursday. Fox News is told McCarthy, in revealing his choice, simply told colleagues it was not his time.

His withdrawal rattled fellow lawmakers, particularly allies in leadership. But addressing reporters afterward, McCarthy said he thinks the party needs a “fresh face.”


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