As protests raged in Omaha, Nebraska last night, Jake Gardner, a former marine and owner of “The Hive” bar and restaurant was forced to defend his business from being destroyed by violent protesters. As he stood guard, a confrontation took place between him and a 22-year-old protester. The 22-year-old was shot and killed by the bar owner during the scuffle. After the word got out that the bar owner acted in self-defense and there would be no charges, social media erupted, calling for the bar owner’s head and #JusticeForJamesScurlock

Disgusting tweets like these with no evidence of their vile claims against the bar owner, other than to incite violence, are circulating around on Twitter : reports – The white bar owner who shot and killed a 22-year-old black Omaha man fired in self-defense after ending up on the ground in the middle of a group Saturday night, Douglas County District Attorney Don Kleine said Monday.

In turn, Kleine said, Jake Gardner, owner of The Hive bar near 12th and Harney Streets, will not be charged in the death of James Scurlock. Kleine said he reviewed the evidence — and interviews with witnesses — and determined that Gardner had acted in self-defense.

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Kleine played the video of the confrontation at a 1:30 p.m. press conference.

A law enforcement official with knowledge of the video gave this account:

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Saturday night, standing outside his downtown bar, Gardner urged the crowd to move along.

Gardner could be seen talking with a group of young men, including Scurlock, and backing up. In one video circulating online, a cellphone user says, “That (expletive) got a gun.”

Words were exchanged, and Gardner ended up on his back in the middle of Harney Street. He fired two warning shots, the source said. The skirmish continued, and Gardner remained on his back, with Scurlock getting Gardner in a chokehold. Gardner fired again. That shot hit Scurlock in the neck, killing him.

At the press conference, Kleine said he looked for any evidence of instigation or slurs coming from Gardner.

Kleine said one protester who was interviewed by investigators said, “I’m not a fan of the police department, but I was there and I didn’t hear anything like that (slurs) when I was standing there.”

Here’s the video of the incident that’s circulating around on social media. The video does not offer any clarity on what happened, as neither the victim or the shooter are shown when the shooting takes place. In the video, there are several people standing around. Two people can be heard repeatedly saying, “This N** got a gun!” One of them can be heard saying, “It’s not worth it N***— he’s got a gun!”

Despite the police report and findings by the county prosecutor that revealed Gardner acted in self-defense, tweets like these, accusing the former Marine and bar owner of killing Scurlock in cold blood are being circulated around on social media, as a way to agitate and create a new crisis to riot over.

Jason Rosenberg, who’s profile only reads “Homosexual Jew,” has a Twitter account that littered with hatred for law enforcement. It’s no wonder he’s trying to stir up more hatred and violence in the streets, by suggesting even though the Omaha bar owner was released on bail after finding no wrongdoing on his part, that everyone should know what he looks like—just in case.

The Omaha bar owner is allegedly a fan of President Trump, as photos of him wearing a MAGA hat are circulating on social media. Apparently, his support for our president is reason to believe he is guilty, even though the officials who investigated the crime could find no wrongdoing.

The mayor and police chief of Omaha spoke to the press about the very sad incident that started out with a peaceful protest that deteriorated and quickly turned to excessive violence.


GoFundMe for Gardner says he is a former Marine who was “forced to defend himself” Saturday night, and set a goal for $10,000. The page was taken down. While it is not clear why it was taken down, here is what it said:

Jake is a former United States Marine and local business owner in Omaha, NE. Many folks know Jake for his love of downtown and for his loyal companion Bron.   During the riots on Saturday night there was an incident outside of Jake’s business and he was forced to defend himself.  Few details are available at this time, but it goes without saying that Jake will have substantial costs going forward defending himself, and his livelihood.  100% of all proceeds will go to Jake, Bron, and any necessary legal defense.  Further details will be provided as available and prudent.  Thank you for your assistance and support!

Pray for peace in our nation that is filled with so much hatred.

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