Sam Brinton, the former Biden administration Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, was arrested on Wednesday as a ‘fugitive of justice’ after Brinton was let go for stealing women’s clothes.

Brinton self-identified as ‘genderfluid’ and was considered one of Biden’s picks aimed at touting diversity, which includes transgender United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine.

Brinton was only forced to pay restitution to the victims in that particular case and served no jail time, meaning their current arrest is related to yet another baggage theft claim, according to FOX News.

The arrest is the third time that Brinton has been caught after stealing someone’s luggage.

“With the assistance of Montgomery County Police, Samuel Otis Brinton, age 35, of Rockville, Maryland, was taken into custody Wednesday pending charges of Grand Larceny,” James Johnson, a spokesperson for the MWAA said.

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Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin also has alleged that Brinton stole her luggage, though the case was referred to the FBI.

“I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” Khamsin said.

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Brinton was reportedly arrested on the 700 block of College Parkway after police parked outside of their residence for roughly an hour.

Brinton has been a leading LGBT advocate on top of their previous role at the DOE, advocating against gay/gender conversion therapy and for trans acceptance in the wider community.  People sympathetic to the Biden administration chided them for failing to recognize ‘key warning signs’ prior to Brinton’s employment.

Breitbart Reports

“Openly genderfluid” Sam Brinton, the MIT grad who served Joe Biden’s administration in a key nuclear role before being fired, was reportedly arrested Wednesday as a “fugitive of justice.”

The Daily Wire reports Montgomery County, Maryland, enforcement officers took Brinton into custody at his home, police logs show.

He is currently in jail and being held without bond.

A neighbor told the Daily Wire “four unmarked police showed up last night, they would not let his spouse Kevin leave. After about an hour Sam Brinton was escorted out in handcuffs.”

Brinton is set to appear for a hearing before Judge Victor Del Pino on Thursday afternoon.

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