And the AFL-CIO is crying in their money pit…wouldn’t it be a great get to have college football players unionized? The players are students and not employees unless you want to bust this whole thing wide open and tell the truth about how players might be compensated. It’s really pretty shocking that the NLRB decided to shoot this down since they’re 3-2 Dem. 


The National Labor Relations Board rejected a bid by football players at Northwestern University to form a union. In an unanimous decision released Monday, the board said it lacked jurisdiction in the matter.

“By statute the board does not have jurisdiction over state-run colleges and universities,” it said. The board is the main federal labor law enforcement agency. Its members are nominated by the president and it currently has a 3-2 Democratic majority.

The announcement reverses a March 2014 decision by a board regional director, who ruled that the players were employees of the university, not students. Therefore, they had the right to form a union.

While that ruling applied only to Northwestern athletes, it had major implications for college athletics generally, being the first time a student-athlete group has been granted collective bargaining rights. Other groups could have cited it as a precedent if they tried to unionize.

Via: Washington Examiner

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