Unreal! Obama puts Americans at risk one again just to help his legacy of closing GITMO. This terrorist not only recruited three of the 9/11 hijackers, he had declared his desire to join ISIS. At what point does this action rise to the level of “aid and comfort to the enemy”?

Maybe at the next Democrat debate one of the “moderators” can ask Grandma about her former boss releasing this guy. WHo are we kidding? Democats don’t get real questions. Whatever the case, this is just outrageous.

The U.S. military Wednesday sent home a long-held Mauritanian captive who was cleared for release six years ago. The transfer reduced the number of war-on-terror prisoners here to 113.

Ahmed Ould Abd al Aziz, 45, was among the least known detainees. He spent more than 13 years in U.S. military custody and was never charged with a crime. His leaked 2008 prison profile says he got to Guantánamo on Oct. 28, 2002, four months after Pakistani security officials captured him and his wife at a suspected al-Qaida safehouse in Karachi.

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Attorney Clive Stafford Smith, who represented the Mauritanian, said Aziz would be reunited with his wife and now 15-year-old son in the West Africa subsaharan nation. He plans to work as a copy editor at a newspaper run by his brother-in-law, the attorney added.

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“While it’s great that Ahmed is home with his family, it’s 14 years late, and long after he was cleared,” he said. “His release was only delayed because he, an innocent man, routinely protested his mistreatment.”

Although approved for repatriation since 2009, the transfer was repeatedly delayed at the Pentagon by officials wary about letting him go, most recently in April after the detention center notified the Pentagon that Aziz had declared his intent to join ISIS once repatriated. Advocates of his transfer argued that menacing mouthiness should not be a factor on whether a detainee gets out of Guantánamo.

Scum like this should have disappeared after 9/11, never to be heard from again. Instead we have an American president re-supplying our enemies with fresh bodies.
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