The vote that was to take place today on Obamacare has been cancelled. Two factions of the Republican Party are in a battle for the future of healthcare. The Freedom Caucus is the more conservative branch of the Republican Party that’s not happy with the way Obamacare is still heavily government oriented. They want a COMPLETE REPEAL of Obamacare. The other more moderate faction is trying to pass the bill with less changes and not a total repeal.
“I would love to see 237 votes on the House side… we are not there at this particular point,” Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows:

President Trump commented on the cancelled vote saying it’s “all politics”…HE’S RIGHT AGAIN!

Fox News reporter Charlie Gasparino said that the Koch brothers warned any Republican who votes for this bill will be targeted when reelection comes up.

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Most of the GOP no-voters represent safely Republican seats – some drawn to ensure they stay that way – and whose grip on power would only be threatened by a primary challenger. Among them is Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, who was re-elected in November with 71 percent of the vote, making a stand against Trump a relatively safe bet.

“He has categorized himself as a staunch ideological conservative and can tell voters he was standing up for what he believed in,” said Stephen Voss, a political science professor at the University of Kentucky. ” The White House could send a bunch of money to go after him but there’s no reason to think the Republican voters would buy into a fight on this.”

Massie tweeted Wednesday that he’d switched his vote from “no” to “hell no.”

Many in the Freedom Caucus also have taken a stand knowing that while Trump is popular in their districts, they are equally so. Rep. Mark Meadows, chair of the caucus, did not face a primary challenger and was re-elected to his seat last year with more than 64 percent of the vote, slightly higher than Trump’s total in his western North Carolina district.
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