Are these violent stabbings and attacks coming from proponents of an ILLEGAL ALIEN invasion of America? According to the woman in the video below, at least some of them are. Will the news actually report the truth about who these groups of anti-1st Amendment thugs are? 

Multiple people have been stabbed after clashes broke out during a rally outside State Capitol in Sacramento, California. The violence broke out between far-right activists from the Traditionalist Worker Party and counter-protesters.

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The Traditionalist Worker Party members, often described as a neo-Nazi group who have links to white supremacy and far-right causes, showed up for a planned a rally at the Sacramento Capitol, where they were met by activists from Antifa Sacramento counter-protest, local media report. Antifa is an anti-fascist movement.

Sacramento Fire Department (SFD) says five patients have been transported to nearby hospitals from the site of the incident, some of them in critical condition from stab wounds. They however didn’t specify which group the injured were from.

Leftist protester explains how it’s really about defending the rights of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Watch her explain to interviewer how different groups within their movement have “different ways that they approach the ‘struggle'” but that the goal of the groups she belongs to “is to build a mass MILITANT integrated, anti-‘racist’ immigrant movement:

Emergency vehicles are at the scene to provide medical aid.

Bloodstains are also visible on the pavement in pictures posted on Twitter.

A local ABC 10 network reporter states police had to use tear gas to disperse the rival protesters.

Via: RT

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