Buzzfeed and NBC News are reporting that signs at polling places are not closer than 10 feet from the polls. The news sources did not report on the blurred out names of Republicans on the signs. That’s a big deal.

An ‘official sample ballot’ sign outside a Pennsylvania polling location has Democrats candidates shown, while Republican candidates are blurred out.

The only sign outside a Bucks County, PA polling location is an “official sample ballot,” but Republican candidates are blurred out, as reported by Mike Coudrey via Twitter.

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Coudrey encouraged anyone in Pennsylvania to go to the polling location and REPORT IT. He continued tweeting “more reports coming in.” Cleo Gamer tweeted that he SAW THE SAME THING in Morrisville, PA “right outside the school doors.”

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Pennsylvania is filled with illegal electioneering! Especially in Philadelphia, which sadly has become infamous for cheating.

Meanwhile, voting machines are DOWN in Westmoreland and Philadelphia counties – opposite sides of the state…both pro-Trump strongholds.

As previously reported by 100% FED Up, HUGE democrat-promoting signs in Philadelphia were removed from the exterior of multiple polling locations.


On Tuesday, the Trump campaign shared an image of phone numbers to report voter/election fraud in key states:

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