An Oberlin College Dean accused small-town bakery Gibson’s of racism after the owner’s son Allyn Gibson, confronted a black student he suspected of shoplifting. Although three students were arrested for theft and pleaded guilty, Meredith Raimondo, now an ex-dean of the college, did not hesitate to paint the bakery as racist, inciting a group of students to protest and slander the innocent bakery workers.
The bakery filed suit after the 2016 incident, and in 2019, Lorain County Judge John Miraldi initially awarded the bakery more than $40 million in punitive and compensatory damages. The amount was later reduced to $25 million with an additional $6 million for lawyers’ fees.

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan weighed in on Twitter “Go woke. Go broke.”

However, Oberlin College appealed the court’s decision while Gibson’s bakery struggled to stay open after the harmful accusations by the Dean and Oberlin students.

According to Breitbart, the Ohio Supreme Court has declined to hear Oberlin’s appeal of the judgment awarded to the bakery, and the college is finally paying up.

“Truth Still Matters, David can still overcome Goliath,” the Gibson family attorneys told 3News after the Ohio Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal. “We and the Gibson family are gratified that all judges on the court of appeals and the majority of the Ohio Supreme Court recognized the rights of individuals rather than the bullying tactics of the big institutions.”

Oberlin College is finally paying the court-ordered defamation damages of $36.59 million.

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