A brewing ecological disaster in Ohio has been kept largely quiet. A train carrying toxic chemicals, including polyvinyl chloride, was derailed on February 3 and then exploded in East Palestine, Ohio. “A Norfolk Southern train with 150 cars derailed near the Ohio town of East Palestine, with 20 of the cars carrying hazardous materials. The derailment caused a huge fire and, fearing a massive explosion releasing noxious gases and shrapnel into the surrounding area. Emergency responders intentionally breached five cars to let out the chemicals inside,” according to Newsweek. “Environmental regulators have been monitoring the air and drinking water around the site of the derailment, and have so far said both remain unaffected by the spill.”

Residents of East Palestine have been allowed to return home. Chemicals were observed in the atmosphere following the explosion, but regulators said the levels were safe. Yet residents have complained about pets dying in, which they suspect chemical exposure is to blame. They have also complained about experiencing headaches and nausea.

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer tweeted,

“A massive Lethal Ecological Disaster recently occurred in East Palestine Ohio. A train that was carrying 20 TRAINS of hazardous polyvinyl chloride and other toxic chemicals derailed and exploded. Police are arresting reporters who are reporting on the story. Water is contaminated.”

Combat veteran and New York Times best-selling author Sean Parnell tweeted,
“We live 45 minutes from this horrific disaster and our local media has done a decent job covering it but there has been precious little information beyond the official statements from the rail way, which are just regurgitated by the government. Not good.”
He also demanded answers, “I want more clarity on this disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. The people of Western Pennsylvania deserve to know if their water is contaminated and the air is poison. We need answers, like yesterday.”

Parnell posted a photo on his instagram and said “This happened 70 miles from Western PA, in Ohio. It may be one of the largest ecological and environmental disasters ever. Carcinogenic chemicals burned, and now in the air. Maybe water. This stuff is poison. Dead fish and animals found miles away. At least one journalist was arrested for trying to report on this. I have not seen a single national media story about this, but it should be on the front page of every single paper. We should all be calling our Representatives NOW to demand clarity and answers.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has responded to the crises noting that the press is hyper-focused on the flying objects but ignored the crises in Ohio,
“East Palestine, Ohio is undergoing an ecological disaster bc authorities blew up the train derailment cars carrying hazardous chemicals, and press are being arrested for trying to tell the story. Oh, but UFOs! What is going on?”

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