For the past 2+ years, the world has watched in horror, as Canadian law enforcement enacts Nazi-like tactics against its citizens for defying authoritarian COVID lockdown orders.

Church services were canceled across Canada. On multiple occasions, Christian Fundamentalist Pastor Artur Pawlowski was literally dragged into police vehicles on his knees over his refusal to stop hosting church services for their parishioners. Pastor Pawlowski has been arrested several times since the start of the pandemic, including last week, when he was arrested at his home before leaving to speak at the Truckers for Freedom rally in Alberta, Canada.

Canadian restaurant owners were arrested for refusing to shut down the source of their livelihood over authoritarian COVID restrictions.

Veterans have been refused service in restaurants for not showing their [vaccination] papers.

In November 2021, a  two-time war veteran was refused service at an Irving Oil restaurant on Remembrance Day in Canada after he asked to be seated without providing proof of vaccination.

Remembrance Day is a holiday in Canada that commemorates the sacrifices of people in all armed conflicts.

One year ago, a Canadian citizen was violently arrested in his home after a neighbor called Canadian authorities to rat him out for hosting a gathering of more than 6 people in his residence

And now, after two weeks of the wildly popular Trucker’s for Freedom protests that have sprung up across Canada, Ontario Police are  going door-to-door to “inform” anyone who “likes” or “comments” or shows support for the Trucker’s for Freedom movement about “how to peacefully protest.”

Watch the incredible scene here:

For over two years, Canadians have been living under the same COVID restrictions as states like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and California. The common thread, of course, is far-left leadership. Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, like iron-fisted Democrat Governors in various states across the US, have placed the rights of citizens who elected them, dead last.



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