Hundreds of police officers, armed vehicles, and horses have replaced the streets of Ottawa, where bouncy castles were set up for the trucker’s kids.

Tables set up with food donated by citizens and businesses for the brave truckers have been dismantled.

The dancing and singing by peaceful protesters have stopped.

The city of Ottawa that came to life with patriotic Canadians who risked it all to fight for the freedoms of fellow Canadians has once again fallen under lockdown orders by Canada’s Marxist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Yesterday, one of the brave organizers of the Trucker Freedom Movement and mother of 3, Tamara Lich, delivered a tearful message, telling her supporters that she is likely going to jail for her role in the Trucker Convoy.

Later in the evening, Lich was arrested while standing with the truckers in Ottawa:

Hours before her arrest, Freedom Convoy organizer Chris Barber was arrested as he peacefully walked the streets of Ottawa:

Earlier today, Daniel Bulford, one of Lich’s fellow organizers, was also arrested.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, peaceful protesters continue to PEACEFULLY protest.

So far, 21 people have reportedly been arrested in Ottawa:

Canadian police appear to be provoking the peaceful protesters in the video below. You can hear the protesters shout back, “Don’t fight with them!” as the police officers push on a line of peaceful protesters shouting, “Move back!”

Watch this trucker say he doesn’t care if they take his truck or arrest him, that freedom is much more important:

While kids watch their fathers and mothers placed in handcuffs and taken away in police vehicles, Justin Trudeau’s kids, who live in a much different world than that of a truck driver’s kid, will never fully understand the consequences of their father’s evil actions against innocent Canadians.

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