Earlier tonight, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf addressed the media about the riots that took place in Philadelphia yesterday, calling them “peaceful protests”. The rioting was in response to a black man who was shot by police yesterday.

And the hope is that doesn’t escalate into anything, uh, more than the peaceful protests…

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A Philadelphia man with a knife tried to attack police and was shot. The man died from his injuries.

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There is a video of the desperate attempt to get the man to drop the knife. It’s clear in the video (see below) that the man was a danger to the police and others around him.

Because the police did their job and defended themselves and others, there is a riot going on in the streets tonight. Police are being attacked with bricks and large pieces of concrete thrown off of buildings. There are also reports of looting in the area.

In June, the Philadelphia City Council Approved $33 Million In CUTS to the Police Department. How is that helping these overwhelmed police officers? There was looting in July in the city and now there is more looting. The leaders of the city should be kicked out of office.

“Get these cops help.”

Busting windows and attacking police officers:

Throwing things at police:

The incident with the armed man was caught on video:

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