Pennsylvania has banned public officials from accepting and using money and contributions from nongovernmental entities for election purposes

Pennsylvania is the latest state to ban “Zuckbucks” and nongovernmental funds from using in elections, just in time for the midterms.

Passed through the Republican-led legislature and signed into law by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf, it is now mandated in Pennsylvania that public officials “may not solicit, apply for, enter into a contract for or receive or expend gifts, donations, grants or funding from any individual, business, organization, trust, foundation, or any nongovernmental entity for the registration of voters or the preparation, administration or conducting of an election in [the] Commonwealth.”

Additionally, counties may now apply for election integrity grants for the administration of elections.

In 2020, a Mark Zuckerberg-funded non-profit was used by the Facebook founder to funnel upwards of $400 million into battleground states to alter the results of the elections in favor of Democrats. Pennsylvania Democrats alone gained $25 million in “Zuckbucks.” This influenced the election in favor of Joe Biden.

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Pennsylvania was not the only state to be flooded by shady private money. With Pennsylvania’s latest legislation on the matter of election integrity, 22 states have now passed laws against “Zuckbucks” and other nongovernmental election money. Six other states have had similar legislation vetoed by Democrat governors.

The states which have taken steps to secure elections against private interests are:

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Kansas (despite an attempted veto by Democrat governor Laura Kelly)





North Dakota



Pennsylvania (despite the first attempt being vetoed)

South Carolina

South Dakota




West Virginia

Other states such as Wyoming, Michigan, and Wisconsin have had attempts vetoed.

Pennsylvania has taken a crucial step toward securing its elections against future steals.

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