Arthur Schwartz shared a stunning video this morning of a white male poll worker who was turned away from the polling place in Philadelphia where he was reportedly supposed to be working.

“You’re not letting me in?” the white male poll worker asks people who are allegedly poll workers at a voting precinct in Philadelphia.

“No!” says a black man, pointing at him as he stands in front of the doors blocking the doors to the precinct. “Call the police!” the black man standing in front of the door warns.

“I have a city-wide voter certificate,” he explains.

“It’s not for this location!” the black woman standing next to him tells the poll watcher.

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“You’re not coming in here, just go!” she tells the certified Republican poll watcher.

“This is the city of Philadelphia,” he tells them, begging them to read the certificate that explains he can go anywhere in the city of Philadelphia.

Is it okay for election officials to intimidate Republican poll watchers?

Watch the incredible scene here:

In this tweet, Will Chamberlain shares a photo that is allegedly the poll watcher, Gary Feldman’s Philadelphia Poll Watcher certificate.

We’ve worked as poll challengers in Michigan, and have traveled to multiple locations known for voter fraud in one day.

UPDATE: In a tweet, Jane Lytvynenko a Buzzfeed reporter, who originally defended the actions of poll worker thugs, tweeted a message from a spokesperson with the Philadelphia commissioner’s office, saying the threatening actions of their workers was “an honest mistake.”

The situation shown in this video did happen. A spox with the commissioner’s office — which runs elxns [elections]— told me that the poll worker misinterpreted the law, which was “an honest mistake.” He told me the worker was going off a law that previously assigned watchers to wards.

There’s nothing honest about this interaction. It’s intimidation, pure and simple. If this brave poll watcher didn’t have this on videotape, it would have been their word against his, and we all know whose side the Democratic Party media would’ve taken on this issue. Remember, cameras are not allowed inside the polling place. We’ve encountered physical threats as well as verbal threats from election supervisors in Pontiac, MI, while working as poll challengers, but have been unable to prove it because we’re not allowed to use a camera while working inside the polling place.



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