Correction: A spokesperson for the Philadelphia City Commissioners spoke out to explain who was taking an official ballot box away after the Philly GOP called into question the identity of the man.

Matt Feely said, “This is a city employee who is taking a ballot box and is taking it down to the convention center to be a part of the counting process. It happens multiple times a day. They took it down to have the ballots counted.”

Feely continued by saying the city employees do not wear uniforms.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Philadelphia GOP tweeted a breaking photo of what appears to be an unidentified civilian removing an official ballot box from a polling location.

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The Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro has come under great criticism following Tuesday mornings numerous electioneering interferences in Philadelphia. Late Monday night, Shapiro tweeted:

Donald Trump Jr. was quick to respond to the news reports coming out of Philly tweeting, “Don’t leave. Stay in line like your freedom depends on it… because it does.”

Further, American patriots and Trump supporters were banned from entering Philadelphia polling locations wearing Trump-supporting, MAGA apparel, yet poll workers at Settlement Music School in Philly held clipboards with Far-Left, Democrat#Resistance stickers.

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