Lyudmyla Kozlovska was just deported from Poland and the Schengen Zone, on August 14th, for what she is calling a “political affair.” and without a valid explanation. But who is she? She’s married to Bartosz Kramek who appears to be the head of the Open Dialog Foundation Board. He’s been apparently calling for “civil disobedience” actions throughout Poland, much like Maxine Waters has called for nonsense to happen to Trump employees and supporters here in America.

The Gateway Pundit stated that the “George Soros Open Dialog Foundation called this an “act of political nature carried out by the Polish authorities in order to stop the activities of the organisation in the country and abroad.” That must be referring to the possible disobedience actions that come as a result of her husband, who will likely deport with her on his own.

It’s one thing to disagree with the government, but anyone who calls for any form of civil disobedience should not be tolerated or allowed to remain. That’s basically like trying to urge people to riot but saying it in a more civilized way. The fact is, there’s nothing civil in disobedience. Disagreements are acceptable, but taking physical action when it’s not needed is uncivilized and might remind us of what Antifa does here in the states.

Jack Posobiec stated the following on Twitter:

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This right here, from the Open Dialogue Foundation themselves, explains why the woman was sent packing. Her husband might be the one to thank the most. Perhaps they can discuss it on their flight home. And what’s their connection to Soros? That part is hard to find because the website won’t mention him, yet we find pictures of her next to him. That’s open-ended and requires more investigation, for sure!

“Mrs Kozlovska reported that she was prevented from entering the Schengen area without any explanation and without being allowed to access the official request. The Foundation considers this an act of political nature carried out by the Polish authorities in order to stop the activities of the organisation in the country and abroad. But the most outrageous fact is the targeting Mrs Kozlovska mainly due to the civic activity of her husband, Mr Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Foundation’s Board, who had been calling for various civil disobedience actions in Poland in the light of the dismantling the rule of law in the country in mid 2017. He soon became one of the main public enemies of the country’s populist government.”

It sounds like they wanted to overthrow the government. I could see this being needed if they lived in Socialist Venezuela, but why in Poland? I have friends in Poland and they seem to be doing just great. In fact, I talk with them almost every day via email and they are always doing well. Is this just another version of the Antifa-like people where they simply don’t like the right-wing or Conservative people in government, so they automatically think they need to run them out of the office, rather than just acting like responsible adults and doing a good job every day? Sure sounds like it. It’s like they only act like this to give their foundation a purpose, otherwise they’ll have to get jobs like everyone else. Maybe they do have jobs. I don’t know. I just know that trying to call for civil disobedience from the public is not going to be taken very well and deportation sounds just about right.

Euractiv reported that” the Ukrainian human rights activist claimed on Thursday (16 August) that Warsaw had banned her from Poland and the rest of the Schengen zone in what she called “a political affair”.

Lyudmyla Kozlovska, the president of the Warsaw-based human rights organisation Open Dialog, said she was stopped by Belgian border guards when she arrived in Brussels late Monday (13 August).

Kozlovska said the guards told her she had been put on a list of people to be deported from the Schengen zone -26 countries which are part of the European free movement area- at the request of Polish officials.

The guards informed that her name was on the highest alert level in the Schengen Information System (SIS), she said.

She was then put on a flight to Ukraine’s capital Kiev, where she remains.

Polish officials, including the government’s Office for Foreigners, refused to confirm or deny the allegation to AFP.

“I don’t know what I did wrong… We thought Poland wouldn’t do this… but we expected it,” Kozlovska told AFP in Kiev.

She is married to Bartosz Kramek, a Polish opposition activist who has repeatedly spoken out against the country’s conservative Law and Justice (PiS) government.

“We were under intense pressure. The foreign ministry wanted to change the management of our organisation and to exclude me. They didn’t succeed and so they decided to physically remove me from EU territory,” she added.

Kozlovska had been travelling to Brussels to visit an office of Open Dialog, which works with political prisoners most notably in Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia.

The Schengen Information System was set up to allow police forces in European Union member states to share data and preserve internal security.

“It’s completely impossible for me to go to SIS countries,” Kozlovska said.

“And even my US and British visas risk being revoked or have already been cancelled because Poland marked me as… someone particularly dangerous. Without explanation,” the activist denounced.”


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