A Daytona, Florida police car was firebombed outside an Islamic Center. The empty cruiser had been parked in front of the mosque since the Orlando terror attack and was set on fire in the middle of the night. A note was left near the car. The note is pictured below and states that Black Lives Matter takes responsibility.

American terrorists or is this just a hoax? We will be updating this breaking story with more information.

On a side note, the comments below were lifted from the Daytona newspaper comments section and illustrate perfectly the divide in America right now:

“There is a social injustice in America for African Americans, I don’t give a damn about cop cruiser and I really dislike cops. We’ve been turning the other cheeks for years, I hope and pray to whatever God there is that the aggression finally settles the differences.”

 “Turning the other cheek?!?! ” WTF Over?! You’ve Gotta Be Sh*tting Me!
“African Americans” have been running amok & practicing “aggression” since the Civil War & the Civil Rights Act — 150+ & 50+ years — to “settle the differences.”
Practicing reverse racism — as if it’s ok to give Whitey his turn on the wrong end of the firehouse to even up the score of your perceived “social injustice” — & unchecked violent aggression is the answer?! Again, YGBSM!
Those who aren’t happy in these still-United States can get a ticket to Liberia, where freed slaves returned to Africa & started their own hellhole on earth (it’s like “Israel” for blacks), or Syria/Iran/IS(IS/L, where they’ve been perfecting their anti-American hatred & terrorism. Just keep it on the other side of the pond.
This race war you’re fomenting has Charles Manson & every last Neo-Nazi/ KKKer jumping for joy!
BLM = Breeding Lying Morons

The Daytona Beach Police Department may have been the target of anti-police backlash early Sunday morning when someone firebombed an unoccupied squad car parked in front of a mosque and left a note near the destroyed vehicle attributing the act to Black Lives Matter.


According to Police Chief Mike Chitwood, the incident took place about 2 a.m. That’s when someone set fire to the cruiser parked outside the Islamic Center at 347 S. Keech St. The vehicle was engulfed in flames and destroyed.

Chitwood said police found a note at the scene that read “Black Lives Matter A. Sterling P. Castile (Expletive removed) the police.”

It was not yet clear exactly what was used to burn the vehicle, but Chitwood said he assumes the culprits used a Molotov cocktail. He said the firebombing caused more than $20,000 in damage to the vehicle.

Imam Belal Alzuhiry Shemman, the Islamic Center’s religious leader, could not be reached.

One resident who lives in the area and asked not to be identified said via email that by the time fire units arrived the car was already in flames.

“We were in bed and I heard a ‘boom’ noise. It sounded like a window being broken and I thought it could be someone trying to break into my boyfriend’s car. So I looked out the window and didn’t see anyone near his car then I looked left and saw the police car was on fire,” the person wrote. “The police car has been parked there since the Orlando shootings. They move it every now and then but it’s always empty. My boyfriend called 911 and it took so long before they got there that by the time they did the entire car was covered in fire. It took a bit to get the fire out.”

Chitwood said the police department began stationing the vehicle outside the Islamic Center periodically last month on June 12, the day of the Orlando nightclub shooting, to protect it against anti-Islamic backlash in the wake of the massacre that killed 49. The gunman, Omar Mateen, had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

This obviously could have been a hoax, but in light of recent events it’s easy to believe the act and the note were fully intentional.

At what point does the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies begin investigating Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization?

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