Calumet County, Wisconsin police officers were captured on video at a woman’s home because she “violated a state order” by allowing her daughter to play at a neighbor’s house.

The officers asked the woman to stop having her daughter go to a neighbor’s house to play. The problem is the neighbor’s daughter was playing at their house too.

Is this the best use of police enforcement? While criminals are being released from prison only to re-offend, the police are showing up at someone’s home to stop playdates.

Police officers all over the US are using their precious time on duty to show up at homes and businesses to enforce the lockdown orders. Some common sense would be great right now because Calumet County has ZERO coronavirus deaths…

As of 4/29/20
Calumet County:
Positive 12
Negative 354
Deaths 0

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Watch the video below:

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The police officers are being put in these situations when they have so many other things they could be doing. What a waste of time.

Tucker Carlson asked a store owner what the police did when they came to his store:

“So the police asked you are you open you said indeed I am and then what did they say did they give you a ticket no sir they did not, in fact, they looked at me they said you’re a veteran I said yes I am thank you for your service…”

The police officers thanked Rubin for his service and left…

This story is similar to another one in Texas where a hair salon owner opened her doors in defiance of the lockdown:

The Salon Á La Mode in North Dallas, Texas, opened up in defiance of lockdown orders in the city. The defiant owner says that she’ll ignore a citation and a cease and desist order from the city to shut down. This one act of defiance created a big protest one day later where salon owner Shelley Luther publicly ripped up the citation before a crowd of about 100 people (see video below).

Emergency orders that “non-essential businesses” remain closed during the Covid-19 crisis have devastated small business owners like salon owner Shelley Luther. She stood up for her right to open and then said she wouldn’t pay the fine she got from Dallas police officers.

It didn’t take long for the police officers to arrive minutes after Shelley Luthor opened the doors at the Salon A La Mode.

Luther said: “I’m not doing anything criminal, so they cannot arrest me.”

The officers left the first time without taking action. The salon opened and welcomed customers despite orders from
the county and state for non-essential businesses to remain closed.

There were a handful of people outside the salon supporting the owner’s decision, which she says was made despite the risk of a stiff fine.

Luther spoke out about her rights:

“I want them to know we have rights, but if you cannot afford to pay us and feed our families and help us because the systems are so backlogged, then you have to let us work.”

Other salon owners who remain closed and are losing money say it’s not fair if those who defy the order are not punished:

Stephanie Randle operates a salon in North Dallas and normally sees seven clients a day. For more than a month, she says she’s had no income while adhering to Covid-19 regulations that have kept hairstylists like her from working.

Now, this afternoon authorities paid another visit to Salon A La Mode. This time with the citation that comes with a fine of up to $1,000. The owner says she plans to fight it and continue operating.

Luther defiantly said: “I’m not paying this.”

Later, she received a cease-and-desist order to close, which she says she will also ignore.

One day later, Luther stood before about 100 supporters and protesters to rip up the citation she was issued by Dallas Police Officers.

Did she do the right thing? Should small businesses defy the shutdown orders? We’d like to know what you think.


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