Portland Institute For Contemporary Art (PICA) is advertising a Black Feast event on Sept 18, 2022, to promote the arts. But sadly, in trying to encourage Black artists and writers, Black Feast discriminates against nationalities and races that are not black, making the event free for blacks while charging an entrance fee of $80.00 to non-blacks.

The PICA website describes the event:

Black Feast is a culinary event celebrating Black artists and writers through food. At our table, guests participate in an experience that weaves together food and art, where Salimatu works with Black artists to create a multi-course, vegan, gluten-free meal based off of the artist’s work.

In Black Imagerial, movement artists Intisar Abioto and Akela Jaffi present a collectively held offering honoring the legacies of Black movers, dancers, and choreographers in Portland. With eight Black dancers and movement artists moving with the land, Black Imagerial recognizes Black movement as embodied image-making and visionary practice.

This meal is created as a celebration, a dance, and an offering. This meal is created for you.

This meal is created for you – if you are black. Famous black author and social theorists Thomas Sowell said racism is kept alive by race hustlers, politicians, and a sense of superiority.

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