The “potential successor” to the ISIS leader who was just killed has been taken out by the U.S and Kurdish forces!

While we’re at it…are there any more “potential successors” to take out since we have the leader and his first successor killed?

This is such great news!

The ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir was considered to be ISIS’ number two leader. He was also considered to be the successor to Al-Baghdadi but was also killed in Syria.

A report below claims the successor was being smuggled when forces attacked and killed him.

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This was a joint raid by Kurdish and US forces:

Fox News is reporting that according to a senior State Department official,  Al-Muhajir was killed in Aleppo province in a separate attack by U.S. forces.

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“He was killed very close to the North East, very close to the Euphrates River… he was killed by U.S. Forces,” the official told Fox News.

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