According to a source familiar with President Trump’s travel schedule, Trump is planning to pay a visit to East Palestine, Ohio next Wednesday. He hopes to visit with members of the community who have been harmed by the chemicals released following the train derailment that occurred earlier this month. The train derailment that led to an ecological disaster as the toxic chemicals  have contaminated the air and water.

Collin Rugg tweeted, “People wonder why America loves Trump so much. He is visiting East Palestine, Ohio when other politicians won’t even mention the towns name. That’s why.”

Residents of East Palestine report severe reactions for themselves and the animals in their community. Toxins and chemicals have seeped into the waterways and air since the Feb 7 derailment. President Trump’s visit to survey what took place and talk to the residents is a severe rebuke to the leaders who have not shown up or expressed concern over the disaster. The East Palestine community is struggling and finding little help from the federal government.
Kyle Becker tweeted, “Three people who have not gone to East Palestine, Ohio to reassure residents, despite one of the biggest ecological disasters in modern U.S. history: Mayor Pete, Joe Biden, and Kamal Harris. The Biden administration has even denied emergency aid to Ohio and the local community.

Victor Davis Hansen said “East Palestine, Ohio is “a window” to the “soul” of the left – because the disaster emanates from “Trump country,” the Biden administration doesn’t see political points to score.”


Becker announced that while the Biden administration initially refused to send aid to Ohio, they reversed course within one minute of the announcement that Trump was planning to visit.

6:12 PM EST: Trump announces he will visit East Palestine via Fox News story timestamp.

6:13 PM EST: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and FEMA make joint announcement of Biden administration’s reversal to send disaster relief to Ohio.

Decrepit American infrastructure may also be contributing to the derailments; railroad tracks severely need repairs. Rugg posted a video showing the blighted railway conditions in Ohio. Yet, vast sums of tax money have been sent to other countries to promulgate war rather than help fix problems in America. He said,
“Your government would rather spend $100B to fund a bloody war in Ukraine than spend money on our own infrastructure. This is Ohio.”


Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) said Pete Buttigieg, whose the Transportation Secretary, appears to be more concerned with chestfeeding then making sure our rails are safe. She asked where the money from the infrastructure bill had gone, saying more money went to the green new deal than to rail safety.
“Democrats’ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill never went to actual infrastructure. Where did it all go? Green New Deal scams.


MTG also addressed the timing of three mysterious flying objects tweeting,
East Palestine, Ohio, is undergoing an ecological disaster bc authorities blew up the train derailment cars carrying hazardous chemicals, and press are being arrested for trying to tell the story. Oh, but UFO’s! What is going on?

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