Former DNC Chair turned Fox News political strategist, Donna Brazile, was caught giving debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of her primary election debate, while she was employed with CNN. Given how dirty the Democrats and their allies in the media play, is it any wonder that President Trump is reportedly considering skipping the 2020 presidential debates?

The Daily Mail reports – Trump has been speaking to his advisers about whether he should participate and go up against a Democrat in the debates next year, two sources told the New York Times.

He has told his advisers he doesn’t trust the Commission on Presidential Debates, according to the sources.

Trump is also reportedly apprehensive about who will be chosen to moderate the debates.

In 2016, debate moderators like Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and debate hosts, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, openly criticized then-candidate Trump and frequently interrupted him, to fact-check his responses or contradict him during the debate.

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Watch this short clip showing how unfairly the CNN debate moderators treated Trump vs. Hillary Clinton:

On the eve of the 2016 election, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz cried on live TV when she realized Donald Trump won the election.

His advisers would not comment on the possibility that Trump may not participate in the debates.

Following one debate in September 2016, Trump questioned whether the commission had deliberately given him a faulty microphone after it was found a technical glitch had affected the volume of his voice.

‘They gave me a defective mic, did you notice that?’ Trump said after that debate. ‘My mic was defective within the room… I wonder. Was that on purpose?’

Despite the report that Trump was considering skipping the debates, a former Clinton aide said he predicted the President would take part in at least one.

‘Not doing any would not be strategically smart,’ Philippe Reines said.

‘He’ll bluff that he won’t do any with the goal of only having to do one.’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to participate in several debates in the months leading up to the UK election held this week.

Boris Johnson just won the election in the UK. He will be the UK’s next prime minister. Perhaps it’s not the worst strategy to skip the debates.

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