Ronny Jackson is a retired Navy Rear Admiral and President Trump’s former White House Physician. Dr. Jackson was attacked by the media during his tenure as WH physician and recently hit Joe Biden on his cognitive impairment:

In October of this year, former White House doctor Ronny Jackson said that Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is unfit for the role of President of the United States. Jackson added that Biden “needs some kind of cognitive testing” if he wins the 2020 Presidential Election.

In a statement courtesy of American Military News, Jackson said with an assurance that “[Biden] does not have the mental capacity.”

As a retired Rear Admiral in the Navy, Jackson understands the important role the President plays as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The former White House Doctor continues:

“[Biden] is not up for the job. This is not the same Joe Biden we’ve known over the last 47 years.”

Jackson served as a physician at the White House from 2013 to 2018, thus, his patients were President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama. While Jackson did serve as both Presidents’ physician, he said that the health of the Vice Presidents’ was not a priority of his:

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“[Biden] wasn’t my patient, and I never had anything to do with his healthcare…I’m saying it as a concerned citizen…omething is going on here. He’s having really bad days about where he is.He’s having a really extreme time focusing on the one task at hand when he gets up in front of voters and tries to explain something.”

President Trump has great things to say about Dr. Jackson:

“Admiral Ronny Jackson is a very successful doctor and Navy Veteran running for Congress in #TX13. He loves our Vets! Ronny has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Donald Trump Jr. recently had great things to say about Dr. Jackson:

“Ronny has served our country with honor as a military doctor & NO ONE has been a stronger supporter of my father & his America First agenda than he has.”

He just won a Congressional seat in Texas! Dr. Jackson tweeted out a thank you to Texas voters:

“I’m honored to be elected as the next representative for Texas’ 13th Congressional District. I’ll NEVER back down to the liberal mobs, and I’ll be the strong conservative leader that you DESERVE. I promise I’ll make you proud! Thank you!”

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